Web Design and Development in London

Web Design and Development in London

Web Design and Development in London

A boring website won’t make any conversions. Business is dynamic and irrespective of your field of specialisation, you need to optimise your website to match preferences of your customers. A professional website with all the primary features is not enough; you need to customise the content and themes to match trends in the market. While there are numerous factors that influence purchase decisions, technology is significant.

Digital marketing is not a strategy to implement and relax; you have to keep on optimising your website to match market dynamics. Regular updating of your site with e-commerce techniques is important, but there is more to it if you intend to be successful in business.

Here are top trends for Web design in London

Mobile access

Whether you are targeting corporate companies or individuals, most people access the internet using mobile devices. While desktops are still in homes and offices, they are barely used for browsing the internet. In the busy work-life structure of the 21st century, people have little time for the internet. Also, people are always on the move hence the increased use of portable devices that access the internet. You are likely to lose many potential customers because your site is not compatible with smartphones or tablets. Site visitors should not struggle to view pages or photos on your site pages. Your pixels should accommodate smartphone users.


Before a site visitor reads anything on your site page, they have to be convinced of the credibility and professionalism. The first few seconds determine whether the individual will convert to a sale or not. Type and size of fonts make an impression of your business. The resolution and pixels of your images should be sharp and attractive. There are billions of websites in your niche and site visitors won’t bother with an unattractive site. Engage a professional for web design in London for a variety of fonts and background themes. Colors and fonts make the first impression of a website, which determines if site visitors will stay longer or not.


Engage a professional in optimising speed on your website. While you should have the best resolution for sharp views, you should also balance this with loading speed. No one will wait for a slow loading site; it is easier for a potential customer to switch to a different site instead of waiting. Slow sites are also annoying.

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